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So Berry Tempting

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With an utterly irresistible layer of super soft silicone, So Berry Tempting will always keep you coming back for more. This vaginal vibrator features a flexible shaft ringed with subtle ridges that tantalize and tease as you play. With its powerful motor that boasts 8 vibrating speeds and functions, this is a sweet treat you can enjoy any way you want it.
Silky Soft and Satisfying
Our ultra-soft toys have more than twice the amount of silicone vs. traditional toys. This exclusive design provides an incredibly soft, plush feel that’s inviting to the touch and spreads rumbly vibrations through your hotspots like nothing else. Forget the dated, multi-layer traditional toys that feel tool-like and break down over time. This velvety collection excites and delights with a sensual, thick layer of quality silicone encasing powerful motors – so you don’t have to compromise on pleasure.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
The Softest Toy

The softest toy I have ever felt! I think this toy duals as a stress ball/shaft lol you just want to squeeze it all the time. Perfect toy to carry around and just squeeze when stressed lol kidding.
But it feels so real when inserted in the vagina. The vibration is the perfect sensation to make your eyes roll in the back of your head. I did try to use it as a clitoral toy but I do not feel it was the right pressure and sensation to experience a good clitoral orgasm.

So Flexible & Soft!!

I was skeptical of the efficacy of something made of a super-soft material that might absorb the intensity of the vibration, but this one did not disappoint. I immediately was impressed by the flexibility mid-shaft, and I found the ridges on the top bullet to be helpful for anyone using this as an external teaser.

Hi Kathy!
Thank you for your review! We are so happy you are as in love with this product as we are! If you have any questions, please give us a call at 866-ROMANCE!

A feat in pleasure engineering!

Can’t even put into words the feel and power of this vibe. The BEST thing I’ve bought in 2023 by far!!

Hi Suzanne!
That is amazing to hear! Thank you for being our customer, we wouldn’t be where we are without people like you. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 866-ROMANCE!

Game Changer

I love the soft feel and flexibility. My husband jokes and says that men’s penises can’t bend and twist like how our toys do :rofl: well this one for sure is a game changer in that area. You need more curve to the left, right or back and forth? Well, this vaginal toy will most certainly allow for that. I was able to use this vaginal toy in a way that allowed me to stimulate other nerve endings inside of the vagina that may not get as much attention while having intercourse with a partner with a penis.

Sheila G.

This sure does the trick! I love the different speeds and the overall length and thickness of this! Total wow factor!

Hi Sheila,
Life is about trying new things. So happy it was great enough to share your kind words.