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Come From Behind

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Dog-tired of doggie-style? Liven up your bedroom or delve into your deepest desires – with Come From Behind.


This position strap features a cushioned pad, two looped handles, and an adjustable length so it can fit just about anyone. Specially designed to enhance doggie-style, Come From Behind allows for more pleasurable angles, deeper penetration, and better orgasms.


Just wrap the padding around the front partner’s waist, while the back partner slides their hands through the loops and grasps the strap. This will give the front partner full support, and the back partner full control.


They say never mess with a classic. We say everything deserves a remix.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Michelle R.
It was good

I liked it.

Mary V.
Nice and very helpful

Nice and very helpful

Marsha N.
Perfect Addition

The Come From Behind is a great addition to your bedroom or 'redroom'. Whether you are looking to try something new in a position or just need help to make it comfortable, the come from behind will do just that!
The material is also a plus as it has soft and plush padding with adjustable straps!

Ashley K.
Deeper just how I like it!

We've tried to use a pillow in the past but this item really allowed my partner to penetrate deeper which meant I enjoyed sexy time so much more!

Thanks Ashley!

Great for mixing up positions!

I was looking for a way to mix things up in the bedroom and this is a life saver! My man loves to control our position with the strap and I love the cushion and feeling of control. Love it!