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Best Bud

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Ready to meet your new Best Bud? Well, this little wonder flower will have you waking up rosy every morning.  

Its soft silicone petals offer a sensual tease, while the pulsing stimulator provides mind-blowing airotic pleasure to all your favorite spots. Use it to stimulate your nipples for tantalizing foreplay or surround your clitoris with a bouquet of ecstasy that will leave you wanting more. Best Bud is perfectly palm-sized and has a single-button control, so you can effortlessly explore 10 functions of blossoming satisfaction and find just what your body’s craving. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Ricky Cox
She Likes

She loved it. Started out slow and progress as we continued with our foreplay. Had the big OO. Very satisfying.

Helloooo, soulmate!

I think it's super important to recognize that women need a certain stimulation to get that big O and the Best Bud is the BEST way to get there! Added to my roster for sure LOL

Keeping this bestie close!

I've NEVER had a best bud treat me the way this little guy does! Takes the term FWB to the next level!

I've met "THE ONE"

If you need to get the job done, look no further – this is THE one. Seriously, when you hit that exact spot, it's like magic. I swear, it's just seconds away from reaching pure bliss.

Tubes Jones
Tubes Bud Review

Standard supply & demand challenge at first after ordering such a popular product, but once in-hand, took for test drive. Product performed as marketed. It’s a keeper. Big Thx to Cassidy!