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Back It Up

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This unique back🚪 toy features two points of pleasure that won’t soon be forgotten. The first is the insertable shaft that stimulates the prostate with a rhythmic thumping action and provides a one-of-a-kind experience. The second is the external teaser that provides powerful vibration and stimulation to the oft-forgotten hotspot. Some toys talk a big game – this one can Back It Up.

Customer Reviews

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Teri Brown

I would love love love to give you an answer, but the man that I bought this for ended our relationship. I haven't even unwrapped it from the cellophane 😭🥹

Megan D.
Many uses.

I purchased "back it up" for clitoral thumping and it works better then I expected. I can also use it for g-spot thumping and clitoral vibration. This is definitely one of my new favorites.

So happy you're happy!

Evan M.
Feels so good

I love it! The shaft is the perfect size and the thumping sensation feels so good! The perineum massager is a new experience. It made everything feel good! Highly recommend!

Alex P.
A new favorite!

A new favorite!

This is an amazing toy!

Like bump and grind but better! Stronger and harder vibrating!