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A Little More

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Looking for A Little More? Enhance your bedroom escapades with this 5.5" or 7.5"  penis extender. Made of super soft TPE, A Little More adds both length and girth to your partner to help take things to the next level. Just apply some creamy lubricant to the interior of the toy and slide in, pulling the loop behind the testicles to keep the extender in place. After that, apply any lubricant to the exterior of the extender…and enjoy.



• Enhance your romantic experience
• Adds both length and girth
• For penis insertion, we recommend pairing with a creamy lubricant like Whipped
• Provides a pleasing squeeze around the testicles to intensify sensation
• Bath Friendly: toy can be submerged


Using a creamy lubricant, slide sleeve to the base of the penis, and tuck testicles through opening. Strap should sit behind testicles for a secure fit.

CARE: Wash before and after each use. For best results, use Cleansing Mist.

Customer Reviews

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Lover of all moves
Just what we needed

This thing is amazing for the price point, it allows for us to explore different positions that wouldn’t be possible with out it. It’s nice that your partner can still be in control of what’s happening, and it just adds another tool to the tool belt of love.

Jonathan Norris

Product is too small for me. I think the description should be way more detailed